Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia:

You want your child to learn hands on but you deeply worry for her safety. You want to inculcate a deep sense of interest in the craft but you know that if she injures herself while pushing the cloth or threading the needle she is going to be put off and the machine would lie abandoned for the rest of the time.

The Janome fast lane machine has the press foot paddle and thumb guard which is both a safety features when it comes to teaching a child to do her first sewing project.

Here are 5 perfect sewing machines for kids-children

Janome hello kitty 11706:

Yes, this is it; cute, colorful and dainty. Your baby is going to live what you have for her. But this is no toy!! The Janome brand which is supposed to be power packed with features that are not only effective but also value for money is easily the most popular of all machines for sewing enthusiasts among children. The machine has storage provision and a free arm..


Brother LS2125i:


The machine comes equipped with a LCD screen which flashes if there is a mistake committed by them. There are more than fifty inbuilt stitches however there is no embroidery feature. It is the perfect machine for beginners and not just girls, we are also talking about boys who love to stitch or alter their own clothes


Janome 2206:


This cute machine is definitely an eye candy and a worthy addition to your kid’s work table. The machine is simple, easy to carry around and not complicated in features.


The best reason you must invest in a Janome is that it makes the least noise. It is relatively very quiet and thus allows the child to foray into creativity even while you want to catch a nap in the same room!

Singer 3232:

Singer is synonymous with sewing because it probably has been one of the most famous sewing machine brands that have withstood the tests of time. Singer used to be the king of sewing machine in those days and till today it has withstood the competition in the best spirit. 

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